Pro Landscape Design For Brisbane Residents

Your landscape is a bit like your clothing. It is what people see when they look at you. If you wear well-fitted and neat clothing you can easily create a positive impression on others. The same rule applies to your home and landscape. A well-designed landscapes will reflect positively on your home and create a nice impression on your clients, visitors, and neighbours.

Landscapes should be both beautiful and also meet the unique requirements of you and your family. We understand that a garden that does not meet the personal requirements of its owner is useless to them. Because of this reason, we ensure that none of your needs are sacrificed while designing your landscape.


When it comes to landscape design, we believe in pushing the boundaries. We use unique materials that take your outdoor design to the next level. Our designs are eco-friendly and unique. You will not find another garden that looks exactly like yours.

It’s important to use years of experience to cater for residential and commercial property owners. This results in designing your outdoors so your friends and family will enjoy spending time there. Working with architects and designers to achieve the results you want is ultimately what’s important. Designing a landscape takes a variety of factors for consideration like lighting, climate, soil type and irrigation into account. Choosing plants that require little maintenance and ensuring that designs are eco-friendly and sustainable. This is the same for designing ponds and waterfalls.

In addition to 3D and CAD animations, we will submit detailed project plans and technical reports to our clients.

Tailored Designs

Everyone has their own personal clothing style. Your clothes should fit your body type. Likewise, your landscape should complement your home. It must enhance the best features of your home. Our landscape design experts believe in creating unique landscapes that increase the overall visual appeal of your home. We ensure that our designs fit your needs, preferences, and style.

Before we start working on your landscape, we will visit your site and discuss your requirements with you. Once we know what you want we will come up with a unique design that enhances the beauty of your landscape.

It All Starts With A Design Plan

Whether it is your patio, your garden or company headquarters, great landscapes always begin with a nice design. We make sure that the elements that you select are incorporated into the design. The final design will not only look good but also require less maintenance.

While designing your landscape, we take the following things into consideration: your budget, installation requirements and maintenance costs and time.

Elements of our landscape design

  • Hardscape areas such as walls and patios
  • Plants and trees
  • Fencing
  • Installation of proper outdoor lighting
  • Turf
  • Irrigation


Going Green

Sustainable designs should be eco-friendly. While designing your landscape, explore all possible ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Use plants native to your location because they require less water and maintenance.
  • As far as possible we procure materials from local sources.
  • We make sure that existing trees are protected during construction and wetlands are restored.
  • We also ensure that proper infiltration strategies are implemented for storm water management.

Creating Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces

A lot of factors need to be considered while designing outdoor living spaces and landscaping in Brisbane. These include heat reflectivity and shade. We make sure that your outdoors are enjoyable all year round. A garden that doesn’t provide shade will be empty during summer months. We prevent this from happening by planting shady trees wherever possible.

Sometimes we break your outdoor space into ‘rooms’ that provide privacy and intimacy. Whether you need an ultra modern garden or one that looks as natural as possible, we are here to help.

Designs That Excel Art

After discussing your requirements with you, we will transform your vision into a reality. We will prepare detailed sketches using CAD and 3D animation. These models and sketches will give you a realistic preview of what the garden will look like when it is completed. When designing gardens and outdoor living areas in Brisbane Australia, it’s important to ensure that designs suit the climate of the region. This includes choosing plants that can thrive in the local climate with little care.

When designing gardens and outdoor living areas in Brisbane Australia, it’s important to ensure that designs suit the climate of the region. This includes choosing plants that can thrive in the local climate with little care.

How It Works

You can optimise the usability of your outdoors by building beautiful landscaped gardens. We take advantage of the natural features of the garden while doing landscape design Brisbane. This reduces the total cost and the overall impact of the garden on the environment.

The process has the following steps.

  1. We visit the site and conceive a design strategy after discussing your requirements and studying the unique topography of your land. We then prepare images of the garden through 3D imaging tools. We will also submit material samples and recommend plant species suitable for your garden.
  2. The client will be given a detailed construction budget before work is started. Detailed plans are also prepared for various structural elements like fencing, lighting etc.
  3. Once the sketches are prepared, a final construction quote is given. Once the client approves the plan, we will proceed with the actual construction.

8 Landscape Design Mistakes People Make

Too many lawn ornaments

Too many little dwarfs, water frogs, and trinkets take away from the natural beauty of a beautiful design.Forgetting to recycle

Not Recycling

There is a large amount of waste produced from any yard and it’s important to reuse and recycle this. Not only does it make easier to maintain it’s much more eco-friendly.

Planting in the wrong place

Plants require a specific amount of sunlight and water. The location is important, otherwise you may just see your plant dying unsuspectedly.

Planting too deep

Did you know that you can choke a tree to death? Well, that’s what happens when you plant too deep. The soil amount around the tree can make all the difference to its health and survivorship. It can also encourage root rot.

Cutting Grass too short

Often people will cut grass shorter because they believe they have to mow it less. This is not the case. In fact, if you leave a bare patch that could be inviting to pests. Visit our turf laying solutions for more information of grass varieties.

Using wrong size pots

Pot too large? You’ll know if your plant is sinking down into the soil. This means it can take on too much water and swamp your plant. Not good.

Picking the wrong plant

It might look good in the shop or in the display but a plant’s suitability really depend on it’s need for water, light and how it fits into your overall design plan.

Using the wrong tool

Don’t use a hammer for every job. If you have one tool, then you may be causing unwanted damage and stress to your design layout simply because it’s over kill or under kill.

Too much of the same

BORING. How many times have you been in someone’s garden where it is all the same? This doesn’t need to much detail but variety is the spice of life. This is the same for landscape design.

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