Building A Retaining Wall In Brisbane

Retaining walls are a nice addition to your landscape. They not only look beautiful but also separate your garden from other elements in your yard. They work in areas where elevation changes are moderate or extreme. They will protect your hills from erosion and hold them in place.

Brisbane Backyard Design

Built For Durability

Our retaining walls are affordable and quality. We use a variety of building materials like rocks, link block systems, concrete sleeper walls and pitched stones among others.

As a leading landscaping provider in Brisbane, we have helped numerous homeowners create beautiful landscapes.

We Can Build Retaining Walls Within Your Budget

We provide our clients with outstanding retaining wall designs that are focused on durability, function, style and form. Our sites are built to last. They stand up to weather elements and require less maintenance.

We can build for:

  • Outdoor entertainment areas
  • Pool areas
  • Front yards
  • Raised garden beds
  • Side fences

What Are The Popular Choices?

  • Wooden sleeper walls
  • Concrete sleeper walls
  • Mortared or dry-stacked limestone retainer walls
  • Stackable block systems
  • Specialty decorative engraving
  • Garden beds and seating
  • Rock balance using bluestone, moss rock etc.

We have a standardised our approach to building wall structures. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and within your budget without any defects.

Our retaining walls comply with Australian standards of safety and quality.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

Concrete sleepers are very popular for retaining walls and have great use for decorative garden edges and garden patches. Using strong reinforced concrete sleepers ensure longevity with one great advantage, low maintenance. 

concrete wall

Link Block Retaining Walls

Link blocks have lots of advantages being used as the material of your retaining wall. These include their weight, simple build, and ability to transform your backyard.

Brisbane Site Inspection

Before we start working on the project we will conduct a site inspection to assess its geotechnical details. This initial inspection will help us suggest the most cost effective and visually appealing solution.

Retaining walls serve several purposes. They can be used to reclaim land. They also lend a sophisticated charm to your exteriors. Our projects are not limited to just concrete slabs.

What To Consider

Considerations include the location and drainage of the project. We will take even small details into account while building enclosures. They are built to stand the test of time.

Retaining walls are a lovely addition to your landscape. A well-designed wall will also make your outdoor living space safer for your family or customers.

The 3 Most Common Retaining Wall Construction Mistakes

Whether it’s to save money or that people just feel a sense of accomplishment, building a retaining wall yourself typically comes with risks. Here are the top 3 common mistakes you’ll likely run into.

  1. Poor Footing

Poor foundations are no doubt, the most common problem causing retaining walls to fail. There a few reason for this.

Not Deep Enough:

If the retaining wall isn’t deep enough into the ground that supports all of the soil that will be placed above, the weight will likely warp the wall. This a common site when walking along a wall and you see a bend, or worse, a collapsed wall.

Wrong Materials:

Proper retaining wall stones and materials make a big difference. The correct width and depth are also critical. The use of improper materials means degradation, erosion and ultimately lead to the collapse of the wall due to weight.

Poor Drainage:

Bottom line is that water that can’t go anywhere, builds a swamp and will lead to erosion as the water overflows and tries to get out. A big storm will make a wall with drainage problems simply fall over.

  1. Wrong Materials

You need to get retainin wall materials from reliable quarries and suppliers. Having local knowledge combined with professional experience means you’ll be in good standing. Without this knowledge, you’ll likely overpay for the wrong or insufficient product.

  1. Bad Build

Lots of planning, coordination, and correct installation is required to prevent drainage problems and future retaining wall malfunctions.

Leveling stones is critical for a seamless final product. Having a warped looking product isn’t really what anyone wants.