Sapphire St Augustine Grass

Sapphire St Augustine is a wonderful new addition to the family of modern Soft Leaf St. Augustine grasses. This new grass type is very quickly gaining a reputation which is far exceeding its rivals in many areas including shade tolerance, turf softness, low seeding levels, wear and tear resistance, and repair from damage. You can get this grass installed for your home with our brisbane turf services.

Sapphire is also best regarded for its characteristically fine leaf blade, which is much finer than other grass types in this category. The width of the leaf blade is somewhere between the leaf of Bermuda or Zoysia grass and other St Augustine grasses like Palmetto. This fact alone makes Sapphire a highly desirable sod choice amongst many homeowners.
Sapphire also has a characteristically tight knitted thatch layer which allows this sod to greatly resist invasion from new weeds due to the inability of new weed seeds to find an opportunity for establishment in a healthy lawn.
Independent Field Trials

Independent field trials were recently conducted in Australia amongst the leading contenders in the race to become the most popular grass of its type in the country, where St Augustine is known as Buffalo Grass. Amongst other turf types, the trial included the international best seller – Palmetto, as well as Sapphire and Sir Walter St. Augustine.
Results of Field Trials

The overwhelming winning factor for Sapphire turf was found to be its shade tolerance, where Sapphire clearly won to be crowned as the most shade tolerant turf amongst all the St Augustine grasses tested.
As well as being the best lawn for shade, Sapphire turf was also proven to have the best color in full sun. So for both full sun and shade conditions, Sapphire beat out all other competitors, which is a remarkable feat for any lawn type.
In seeding tests, Sapphire performed quite well, with a result which placed this grass type right in the middle amongst its competitors, slightly below Palmetto, but far better than Sir Walter.

The softness of St Augustine grasses is vitally important for all homeowners these days. From recent professional microscopic photos taken of many St Augustine grasses, Sapphire turf was proven to be one of the true soft leaf grasses in its category.

Sapphire turf will perform it’s best, look it’s best, perform best in shade and resist weeds when it is mowed at heights of between one and a half and two and a half inches. Like all grasses, regular mowing is vital to keep the lawn performing and looking it’s best. So follow the growth patterns of your Sapphire sod, mowing more often in the Summer, less in the Spring and Fall and even less in the Winter. Always adjust mowing frequencies so that no more than 1/3 of the green leaf is not removed in a single mowing session. This will keep the lawn at its greenest, reduce thatch buildup, as well as slow down any lawn runners from creeping into garden beds.

Sapphire St Augustine is upsetting many other contenders in its class. With its winning shade tolerance, love of full sun, leaf softness and durability, Sapphire is fast catching on as a favorite St Augustine grass amongst lawn care professionals and families alike. It’s a true premium grass type and well worth consideration as a home lawn.

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